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When you need a TEAM of IT staff, hire a team. We are that team.

Intelligys is based around the challenges that small to medium businesses face with regards to staffing IT and Infrastructure teams.

Our goal is simple; get in, get things straightened out, and get out. Intelligys is not seeking a 10 year relationship with your company. We want to help you get above water, get your infrastructure in order, and then help you find the right people at the right price-point to manage it when we have completed our plan and stabilized your infrastructure.

Introducing the Cloud Migration Quiz.

Intelligys offers access to a world-class cloud migration analysis tool, CloudDemand.

With CloudDemand, answering a few simple questions is all it takes to generate a comprehensive report that will set your cloud migration strategy on the right foundation.  CloudDemand supports all platforms provided by all major cloud services.

Remove the guesswork when budgeting for the cloud. Take the quiz today.


Grow your business with a strong IT backbone

Charlotte, NC

We are based in Charlotte, NC but service clients from all parts of the globe