Is Your WiFi up? Secure? Dependable? Consistent?

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WiFi is a service that we EXPECT at a coffee shop, at a Panthers game, at Panera Bread, in our friends and family’s homes, etc. In this day and age, every company depends on wireless internet.

Yet, why is it that WiFi is not always working properly in so many small to medium businesses? From a potential client’s perspective, it is flat-out embarrassing when they come onsite to your headquarters and, for whatever reason, have no internet signal. Is it really difficult to maintain a wireless internet connection in 2018?

No, it’s not. Then again, it does take some insight, some foresight, and planning to maintain a secure and consistent WiFi connection.

Do you have new neighbors in your building? Are they broadcasting on the same channel as you? Maybe that explains why WiFi access has been choppy these past few weeks (interference due to broadcasting on the same channels).

Have you hired a bunch of new employees the past few months?  Do those folks have personal laptops, personal iPhones and Androids, iPads, and other miscellaneous devices that they bring to work every day?

Do you have separate GUEST and CORP networks? If not, that’s kind of scary. Do your weekly guests have access to your private internal resources/files/data?

Are those separate networks and passwords unique and secure? Nowadays it’s not hard to sit outside of your office with a free WiFi hacking tool and crack your simple password. In many cases, it takes seconds or minutes, not days.

Are your employees streaming <ghasp> YouTube, Netflix, ESPN, and Pandora on those devices when they’re supposed to be working?

I’ll bet you money they are.  They do everywhere.

So does your wireless internet service seem okay first thing in the morning, but right around lunchtime you always have to disconnect and then reconnect?  Or perhaps when you move from one side of the building to the other, you have to do the same -disconnect and re-connect?  Or even worse, you have to reboot your machine throughout the day?

If any of these scenarios sound even remotely familiar, your wireless network needs to be evaluated. At Intelligys, we do this free of charge. We want to earn your business, and we do that honestly and transparently. Contact us here for a free onsite evaluation and we will ensure that your “weird wireless issues” are addressed immediately and permanently. That’s just the beginning of what we can do for you.

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