Newletter February

///Newletter February

The Intelligys Information Bulletin

Here at Intelligys, we’re dedicated to helping you get your IT straight. We’re excited to update you on:

The latest happenings at Intelligys & Important IT News & Information

What We’re Up To…

In addition to many new projects, 2018 is already shaping up to be a big year for Intelligys; including the arrival of a senior-level team member:

Steve Nazarian

Director of Sales and Marketing

  • Ongoing IT support and on-boarding work for some of Charlotte’s fastest growing companies
  • New partnerships with IT vendors, such as:
  • A new client born out of a successful ransomware “hostage rescue”
  • Several new client conversions in Q1
  • New opportunities for Charlotte’s finest IT talent – JOIN US TODAY
    • Infrastructure Engineers (All levels)
    • IT Support Technician
    • Sales Executive

We have also begun regular publication of articles, blog posts, and white papers related to our experiences in the field. A select few are linked below. Visit the Intelligys Articles page for more great content.

Choosing a Cloud Platform in 2018

The Battle of Office 365 vs. Gmail

“It’s 2018, and there should be no question as to where your hosted applications should reside.” Mark Fenin writes about the two biggest competitors, Office 365 and Gmail.   
We translate this query to read: “Do you want Enterprise class integration with many options, or do you want a simplified version of email and collaboration?” >>Read More>>

Does Your Current IT Provider
Have Its Hooks In You?

How do many IT Providers “get” your business? Do you “own” your firewall or router? Did one of your IT vendors provide you with “free” hardware?  Jared Kierstead writes how to reverse engineer your network without interrupting your business. 
“Relinquishing control of some components in your system, makes it exceedingly difficult for you to break away and make your own decisions?” >>Read More>>

Are you outgrowing your current office?
Planning a new office move in 2018?

“It is more than just relocating; it is a time where your employees get to witness the growth of your company” Natalia writes how a properly staffed office move pays off for everyone.
“Moving to a new office is a big deal. It’s a hard reset for the company; a chance to readjust the image, the culture, and the feel of your company.” >>Read More>>

Message from our CEO:

“We’re very excited about what 2018 has in store for Intelligys and all of our clients. We are doing office moves, cloud migrations, audit work, and more – and our clients couldn’t be happier. Every day we’re identifying new projects and opportunities where we can save our clients time, while also providing value, cost savings, and insights to help their businesses stabilize and grow.”
Brian Allen

Testimonials from clients:

“Huge shout-out to the Intelligys team for all of their hard work in getting the new office in order for us. We appreciate it!”

“Intelligys helped us out of a horrible situation. They were fast, intelligent, and straight with us about the severity of our situation. Once we were on a path to repairing the damage, we asked them to help us shore-up our systems, policies and processes so this doesn’t happen again.”

If you would like to schedule a free onsite IT evaluation, please visit our contact page.
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