Your Time is Money

//Your Time is Money

How often have you put off an important project because you didn’t have enough time to get around to it? It happens every day at my house. There are so many ways I could be proactive, but I just can’t get around to these vital tasks. When this happens at home, things may start to pile up, but what is the worst that could happen? Now, when this happens in a professional workplace; if a company puts off critical projects, tasks or problems, things get out of hand very fast. All too often, we hear CEOs saying that things will be so much better after these two (or five) projects are well underway. Here are a few things that many of us don’t have enough time to get to:

        SOC1/SOC2/PCI/HIPAA Audits coming up in 2018?

        Disaster Recovery environment a mess?

        Production environment giving you a headache?

        Looking to move everything to the cloud?

        Network and security upgrades needed?

        Ready to move to Office 365?

Time Is Money

No matter what it is, any of these important projects need careful planning and plenty of time before implementation. We know the scenario – you’re constantly leaving them for later because you just can’t find a few minutes to even think about them. Your head spins from the countless tasks you have on your plate today, so you keep postponing major projects as long as you can.

Intelligys is here to buy you time while knocking out your biggest projects in the process. Yes, you read that right: partnering with Intelligys frees up your time for you to invest in your business. No longer do you have to spend hours upon hours thinking about, planning, and budgeting major IT projects that you keep laying off because of the lack of time. You don’t have to delay major infrastructure and IT progress – just leave it up to us! From beginning to end, we plan out big projects and implement business solutions according to your preference, budget, and timelines.


What Important Projects Can We Offload From Your Plate?

Disaster recovery environment a mess?  No worries, we’ll get it up to par. You don’t need to spend any time on it at all, we’ll discuss the current state and what you’re looking for…and we’ll make it happen.

Ready to move your on-premises Exchange servers to Office 365 but don’t have the bandwidth?  No problem, we can get started tomorrow.  You don’t need to put together project plans or guide us through the process, this is simply what we do.


Don’t Procrastinate on Progress

Don’t procrastinate on progress, let’s get started today. The sooner we start, the sooner you get a big piece of your time back. Here’s what we’ll do: At your direction, we’ll help address the challenges you face. We’ll gather all the requirements and present you a few different options while showing you the pros and cons, and you’ll decide which you prefer. The big projects that usually take hours on end won’t require more than a few minutes of your time each week!

Think about it: you bring in a trusted partner to address these issues. We’ll take care of those time consuming overhead projects, while your time is spent doing what your company needs most…making them money.

How much is your time worth to you? We would be happy to invest some of our time and talk about how we can help you get more of yours. So, if you find yourself needing more time –  click here to set up your FREE ONSITE EVALUATION.

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